As existential psychotherapists, we are interested and open to what every individual wishes to reveal about themselves. The experience of every individual is unique and treated with respect. The psychotherapy process will help the client to reflect on their assumptions, values and beliefs and to make sense how these affect their way of being, their actions and their relationships. In short, clients become mindful about how they live.

In our client's search for truth we are willing to search with them, but never forgetting that it is their search and that we are only with them as co-researchers.

The relationship between us and the clients is paramount, the focus is on the individual(s) person's life and needs as a whole as opposed to just the symptoms. Always at the forefront is the recognition that in our relationship with the client, we share many similarities but also differences which help us to connect and also to remain separate. The therapeutic relationship will enable you to explore your concerns, issues and will give you the possibility to implement changes.
Our Approach to Psychotherapy
Existential psychotherapy is suitable for individuals who are:

The language used in therapy is ordinary, everyday language rather than 'specialised' psychotherapy jargon.
We are here for you !
Existential Psychotherapy