The Counselling and Psychotherapy sessions offer an opportunity to explore any life issues you may be experiencing, for example:

Our aims are to work alongside our client, in order to explore and clarify their assumptions, values and beliefs. When necessary, we may highlight contradictions and challenge strongly held prejudices of any form. Our approach is focusing on your everyday experience and the way in which you make sense of your life.

Individual and Couple Therapy:
Individual and couple therapy can be short or long term. For individual psychotherapy each session is 50 minutes long, weekly sessions and their number is being negotiated with each individual client.  
The length of couple therapy is 50 minutes long. Sessions are weekly and the numbers of sessions are negotiated with each couple.
In the first session a clear verbal contract is agreed. This will clarify: boundaries within which the therapy will take place; frequency of sessions; confidentiality; cancellations and holidays; the possibility of ending the relationship and how this can be negotiated.
What we offer
The first session is also an opportunity to verbalise, if possible what clients are expecting from therapy.


Clinical Supervision:
Over the last 20 years we have acquired a wast amount of experience in our capacity as supervisors for various professionals - in private practice and working in NHS. We are offering clinical supervision to trainees as well as to fully fledged therapists.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR):
As accredited mediators we have experience in training both, legal professionals as well as lay people to become qualified mediators. Part of our practice is to offer mediation for various types of conflicts. Our role as mediators is to facilitate the process by which those in conflict find their own resolution for their dispute.

Payment by a third party is accepted. Certain Universities, private Insurance companies, are paying partially or fully for psychotherapy sessions.
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Existential Psychotherapy