I have written a number of articles and contributed chapters in several books. They may help to give some sense of how I work. Here bellow are listed some of them.

2009. Deliberations on Supervision in Existential Perspectives on Supervision (eds) E. van Deurzen & S. Young, Palgrave Publications.

2005. Dialogue and communication. In van Deurzen,.E. & Arnold–Baker, C. Existential Perspectives on Human Issues. London, Palgrave.

2004. Reflections on repetition: A venture in experimenting psychology by Constantin Constantius. The Journal of Existential Analysis, 15.2.

2001. Philosophy and Existential Psychotherapy Training. Universities Psychotherapy and Counselling Association, Review No 2.

2001. Philosophy and Existential Psychotherapy Training Hermeneutic Circular Society for Existential Analysis, London.

1997. The climber in du Plock, S (ed) Case Studies in Existential Psychotherapy and Counselling. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons.

1996. The phenomenology of listening and the importance of silence. Journal of the Society of Existential Analysis, 7.1.

1992. The Therapeutic Dialogue and Inner Silence - Thesis title, Advance Diploma in Existential Psychotheraphy, SPC, London.

1991. An Existential Perspective on Love Relationships - Thesis title, MA Antioch University, London.
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