Existential Psychotherapy
We are proposing Psychotherapy/Counselling for individuals and couples, equally supervision and mediation services. Our orientation in psychotherapy can be described as existential. As existential psychotherapists, our attitude is philosophical. This orientation to psychotherapy helps people to confront contradictions that they are often living with, but which stem from a lack of clear understanding of their expectations and how these relate to the possibilities available.

Our relationship with our clients which is based on an open dialogue will enable them to better understand their own stance and the meanings they are attaching to their lives.

Clients can freely explore their issues, concerns and, in the process increase their awareness of how they relate to the world, others and themselves. We avoid any kind of mystification whilst maintaining a highly professional and ethical stance.

We equally offer supervision to individuals and small groups.

We can also offer mediation. As mediators, our role is to facilitate the process through which the people in conflict are encouraged to find the resolution to their conflict.

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